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Innovative, Creative, Sophisticated Design

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K Bella Design and Decorating

We produce desirable beautiful and functional living spaces with a cost effective method to achieve exceptional results. Innovative, Creative, Sophisticated Design.

Are you having problems getting your room just as you would like it aesthetically and functionally? Design can be a complex and difficult skill to master, with so many variables that have to come together cohesively to make things work both functionally and aesthetically. Creativity, harmony, balance, symmetry, are some of the elements to consider when designing a space. K Bella Design can offer results to every design dillema, big or small. We offers design services for projects large or small, specializing in Residential projects.

K Bella Design has the education and experience to narrow down selections for you to choose from. This eliminates the possibility of a poor purchasing decision and save you money. We ensure to measure carefully; create a scaled furniture plan before ordering to make sure things will fit. We have the knowledge to choose the right style for the room, and offer you solutions that you may not have considered as an option. We wiil save you the effort of research and travel to get what you need, and offer solutions and products that aren’t seen in stores you normally visit.

The Founder, Sheena Trip-de-Roche, has a Residential Planning (Interior Design) Diploma from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as a International Staging and Redesign (ISRP) Certificate from QC Design School. Starting in the Staging industry, Sheena has excelled in education and in the Interior Design industry. Friendly and well mannered, she provides an easy-going and comfortable approach to designing the spaces seen in magazines.

Services offered include: